At Normal First we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Our congregation gathers weekly for worship. When you arrive, please take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the greeters so they can answer any questions you may have and welcome you to our fellowship.


See pictures of our team, learn more about them, or contact ahead of time to help you prepare to visit.

Meet Our Team


If you need a ride to the church, please call the church office at 309.452.2096.


Ushers are available to assist you at any time. Please move to the rear of the sanctuary and an usher will
come to you. If you are unable to leave your seat, please ask a neighbor to get help or motion to an usher.

We have elevator access to all class rooms, the Fellowship Hall, the Sanctuary, the Chapel, Library, kitchen, restrooms and all offices.

First time guests are encouraged to park in the lot on the North side of the church and enter at the canopied entrance.


Ushers are available at the rear of the sanctuary, during all services, for all needs.

You will receive a bulletin with the order of the service, announcements, and the names of the worship leaders.

The worship leaders will enter the sanctuary during the prelude. This is a time to listen to the music and prepare for worship through prayer or reflection.

We offer Open Communion. (The first weekend of the month) The United Methodists believe that God’s table is open to all people regardless of religion, church affiliation, or personal beliefs. All are welcome to feast with God.

At the conclusion of worship, the pastor and other worship leaders will remain in the rear of the sanctuary for conversation.

You can also watch our services any time online.

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