Our kids would all agree. When there’s a problem to be solved, an illness to recover from, or a task to be undertaken, I’ll almost always ask, “Did you drink enough water?” They usually don’t even wait for me now – they’ll say it for me because they know it’s coming.  

               For me water and walking have proven to provide me with some of the greatest health benefits. And it wasn’t until I was forced to drink a lot of water that I really understood why.

               When I was pregnant with Emily, our 3rd child, it was a very hot summer. We were moving and I was chasing after 2 toddlers. Being the 3rd pregnancy wasn’t difficult, unto itself, except that I kept going into early labor – 24 weeks, 26 weeks – until my doctor finally said, you need to be on bed rest for 10 weeks and drink 8 glasses of water every day. 

               Besides the shock of a 10-week bed rest with 2 toddlers, I wondered how I could drink that much water. By keeping track of it on paper every day, I followed the doctor’s orders. She explained that dehydration was probably the cause of the early labor. 

               Thankfully the pregnancy went to full-term and in addition to the wonderful gift of our daughter, I received another life-changing gift. I began to feel better. Frequent headaches went away. My energy level increased. And I just generally felt better overall. Those 8 glasses of water went from being the doctor’s order to a way of life. 

               Coupled with lots of water and daily walks, I’m discovering now the benefits of healthy eating and specifically vegetables. 

              This weekend in worship, we’ll continue our focus on The Blue Zones and specifically we’ll look at Plant Slant, the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

               Pastor Kim will be leading worship on Saturday evening and I’ll be preaching on Sunday morning. We’ll be introducing our Confirmation Class and their Friends in Faith in the 9:30 service. 

              And if you’re new to the church, we invite you to the Fellowship Hall at 10:30 on Sunday to meet with Pastor Kent to learn more about the church. 

               Hope you’re enjoying some sunshine and Vitamin D. See you in worship.

               Pastor Kathy

This Week in Worship – September 14 & 15, 2019