April 18 @ 5pm or

April 19 @ 9:30am

“Fear leads us to harmful decisions. Living by fear makes us smaller and less healthy. Living by faith expands us. Faith leads us to greater empathy, compassion and love. In faith, we expand our definition of “neighbor” and we come to respect those who are different from us, including the animals and plants with whom we share this planet. Our planet needs us to live out our faith.”

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.”

—John Ruskin

Is the current pandemic in any way related to an environmental crisis? A recent study from Stanford University found that the destruction of forests and animal habitats is increasing the likelihood that viruses and other pathogens will jump from wild animals to humans. Another study, from Harvard, recently found that in parts of the country with higher levels of air pollution, Covid-19 patients are more likely to die than in places with lower levels of pollution. Is Creation trying to tell us something?

This weekend in worship we will celebrate with our annual Creation Stewardship worship. We will celebrate the beauty and amazing complexity of Creation. We will also celebrate some of the progress our church continues to make in becoming better stewards of God’s Creation. We will ask, however, if we humans need to reconnect with Creation and with our Creator in some important ways. Do we have the right attitude and relationship? We will also look at the two Origins of Creation accounts from Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and see what truths these stories can offer us.

Come as you are but do plan on worshiping God this weekend. 

Details about how to access the worship service are below.

Be safe and stay connected to your faith.

Pastor Kent

This Week in Worship – April 18 & 19, 2020