You belong here.

Music Ministries at Normal First United Methodist Church is an intergenerational organization, ranging from grade school through adult, who desire to make a deep, long lasting connection with each other and the congregation through music.

We welcome everyone, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex individuals as well as people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. We believe that everyone should experience a safe and open environment while lifting praise to God through song.

We strongly believe that music has the power to speak to the souls of people who walk through our doors. It is our vision to unify all persons through the music that we offer.

We are concerned with social justice issues and seek to make a difference in society. We make sure that the theology in our music, clearly-stated or interpreted, reflects our view on what it means to be human beings who foster an environment of love and acceptance instead of hate and exclusion. We are a family: We pray, laugh, cry, and help each other as fellow human beings created by a loving God.