April 8 & 9, 2017 

Palm Sunday (Matthew 21:1-11) will be celebrated in our worship services this weekend. We celebrate this paradoxical day that included both the parade into Jerusalem and the movement towards the Cross. Some of the eyewitnesses bowed down in worship, shouting out “Hosanna” while others asked, “Who is this man?” 

      Whether you were a disciple who knew him well or someone who had never encountered him, Jesus surprised the crowds . . . again . . . with his humility, peace, and convictions. 

      We can experience surprises still today because we will never fully understand who Christ is. Our neat boxes that we sometimes use to define Christ get challenged when faced with real life. My hope is that all of us are open to being surprised by Christ, open to learning more about who he is, and open to discovering who Christ calls us to be. 

     In Joan Chittister’s book The Rule of Benedict, she shared this story. A student studying the Jewish faith once said to his teacher, “Teacher, I have gone completely through the Torah. What must I do now?”

      The teacher responded, “Oh, my friend, the question is not, have you gone through the Torah? The question is, has the Torah gone through you?” (p. 302).

      Have the words of scripture “gone through you?”


      A New Look in Worship: Our children and youth are always welcome in worship. In fact, we want them to come regularly. Beginning this Sunday, we are adjusting the morning schedule so that K-5th grade students begin in 9:30 worship with their families and then are dismissed following the children’s sermon to their Sunday School classes. Please make a point every week to greet the children, learn their names, and get to know them. 

      This Sunday, during the announcements, I’ll invite the children to meet their teachers at the back of the sanctuary to prepare for the Palm Sunday parade!

      Looking forward to seeing you in worship this weekend.


            Pastor Kathy