These 3 chapters are one of the best summaries of the Christian faith. It’s likely that all of these verses were not spoken by Jesus consecutively but rather Matthew, the Gospel writer, took one of the sermons of Jesus and expanded it with relevant teachings.

The NIV Study Bible describes the Sermon on the Mount in this way: “The Sermon on the Mount’s call to moral and ethical living is so high that some have dismissed it as being completely unrealistic. . .

There is no doubt, however, that Jesus (and Matthew) gave the sermon as a standard for all Christians, realizing that its demands cannot be met through our own power” (p. 1449).

As always, the teachings of Jesus were given during a different time and in a different cultural context. When the teachings confuse us or seem irrelevant for us today, I invite you to consider first what they meant in their original context and then consider what message they might still have for us today. The readings are available for you in 4 different ways:

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May the timeless words of Jesus form and shape us in unexpected ways.

Pastor Kathy

The Sermon on the Mount Daily Readings  
August 1 Matthew 5:1-3  
August 2 Matthew 5:4  
August 3 Matthew 5:5  
August 4 Matthew 5:6  
August 5 Matthew 5:7  
August 6 Matthew 5:8  
August 7 Matthew 5:9  
August 8 Matthew 5:10  
August 9 Matthew 5:11-12  
August 10 Matthew 5:13  
August 11 Matthew 5:14-16  
August 12 Matthew 5:17-20  
August 13 Matthew 5:21-26  
August 14 Matthew 5:27-32  
August 15 Matthew 5:33-37  
August 16 Matthew 5:38-42  
August 17 Matthew 5:43-48  
August 18 Matthew 6:1-4  
August 19 Matthew 6:5-15  
August 20 Matthew 6:16-18  
August 21 Matthew 6:19-21  
August 22 Matthew 6:22-23  
August 23 Matthew 6:24  
August 24 Matthew 6:25-27  
August 25 Matthew 6:28-34  
August 26 Matthew 7:1-6  
August 27 Matthew 7:7-12  
August 28 Matthew 7:13-14  
August 29 Matthew 7:15-20  
August 30 Matthew 7:21-23  
August 31   Matthew 7:24-29