Daily Readings for September

James: The Letter

              As we conclude the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), the words from the book of James seem to be a fitting next step. James “focuses on the truths of Christ’s words in the Sermon on the Mount and [then] causes us to act upon what He taught” (21 Days in the Book of James Website).

              This letter refutes the idea that one can be a follower of Christ and yet continue acting in ways that are not Christ-like. We are challenged to not just “talk the talk”, but to “walk the walk”. 

              Though only 5 chapters, James includes 60 directives in the 108 verses. So more than ½ of our readings in September will be calling us to live and act in certain ways as followers of Christ. Taking these words seriously and to heart will be a challenge.

               As before, the scriptures were written during a different time and in a different cultural context. When the teachings confuse you or seem irrelevant for us today, I invite you to consider first what they meant in their original context and then consider what message they might still have for us today.

              Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the pastors if you’d like to talk about any of the scriptures.

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May the timeless words of the scriptures form and shape us in unexpected ways.

Pastor Kathy

The Book of James Daily Scripture Readings

September 1 James 1:1-4  
September 2 James 1:5-8  
September 3 James 1:9-11  
September 4 James 1:12-16  
September 5 James 1:17-21  
September 6 James 1:22-25  
September 7 James 1:26-27  
September 8 James 2:1-7  
September 9 James 2:8-13  
September 10 James 2:14-17  
September 11 James 2:18-26  
September 12 James 3:1-8  
September 13 James 3:9-12  
September 14 James 3:13-18  
September 15 James 4:1-6  

September 16 James 4:7-10  
September 17 James 4:11-12  
September 18 James 4:13-17  
September 19 James 5:1-6  
September 20 James 5:7-11  
September 21 James 5:12  
September 22 James 5:13-15  
September 23 James 5:16  
September 24 James 5:17-18  
September 25 James 5:19-20  
September 26 James 1:19-21  
September 27 James 1:22-25  
September 28 James 1:26-27  
September 29 James 2:14-17  
September 30 James 3:13-18