“God’s Interruptions”
Rev Dr Kent King-Nobles
December 10, 2017

Interruptions. Life has many interruptions. Some interruptions are unwanted, unhelpful and just, well, rude. There are other interruptions, however. When Jesus was born in a little village in Palestine, it was an interruption. King Herod’s tyrannical rule was interrupted. (MORE)


Rev Kim Burke
December 3, 2017 11:00am

“We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news….” (MORE)


“Christ the King” Sunday
Rev Kathy King-Nobles
November 26, 2017

“Whose side are you leanin’ on?”
“I’m leanin’ on the Lord’s side?”
And so the song goes, proclaiming our allegiance and loyalty to God. (MORE)


“Time to Give Thanks”
Rev Kathy King-Nobles
November 19, 2017

In the heart of the Great Depression, one of the ministers at the Ministerial Alliance group suggested that maybe they should skip the community Thanksgiving service that year. Another minister quickly agreed, telling a couple of stories about how desperately poor some of his church members had become. Another talked about the malaise that had come over his congregation as they watched the misery of the Great Depression take hold. (MORE)


“Time to Stand Up”
Rev Dr Kent King-Nobles
November 12, 2017

I am excited! This weekend in worship we will celebrate the babies born during the past year. This is an important time to thank God for these precious little ones. We will also bless them and their families. (MORE)


“Unbind Him and Let Him Go”
Rev Kathy King-Nobles
November 5, 2017

On this weekend, as the Church has been doing for centuries, we celebrate All Saints Day, remembering and honoring those from our church family who died this past year. A service like this can make us feel sad, remembering so many who have impacted our lives and church and community. But through our faith, the service also can have a sense of hope and joy, as we take comfort in eternal life and the promise of God to always be with us, no matter what. (MORE)

“Together We Can…Celebrate God”
Rev Dr Kent King-Nobles
October 29, 2017

Has anyone noticed that things have gotten even more divisive in our culture? It often feels like we are in a never-ending soap opera of accusations and politically motivated attacks. If this is not healthy, what can we do? I think what we do every day on our local level makes a big difference. We can come together to work for a better world. We can be, together, the body of Christ. (MORE)

“Together We Can…”
Rev Kathy King-Nobles
October 22, 2017

As you come to worship this weekend, I invite you to take a moment and visit the new Prayer garden on the north side of the building. This is intended to be a place where anyone walking by the church may stop to pause and reflect and pray. May the garden remind us all of God’s presence with us always. May the garden nudge us to be prayerful throughout our days. (MORE)

“Together We Can…”
Rev Dr Kent King-Nobles
October 15, 2017

If confession is good for the soul, here comes another chance for you to learn about one of my weak spots. I do not like crowds. I know some people have a deep anxiety when they are in a crowd of people. Fortunately, I don’t experience that. In fact, I kind of enjoy being in Manhattan or a busy airport and watching all the people go by. I like to study faces and think about how different people might be feeling and what their lives might…(MORE)

“Martin Luther: Renegade & Prophet”
Rev Merlin Mather
October 8, 2017

At Normal First, we are fortunate to have many retired pastors and a lay speaker who serve in many different capacities.

This weekend we have invited our Lay Speaker, Kathy Alexander, and retired pastor, Rev. Merlin Mather, to deliver the message.(MORE)

“God’s Beautiful Vision of Diversity”
Rev Dr Kent King-Nobles
October 1, 2017

This weekend we will celebrate World Communion Sunday. Thanks to Bob LaTurner, the different breads on our communion table will remind us that we will be celebrating with people around the world. You are also invited to wear clothing from other cultures to church, if you have them. (MORE)


“Basics of Christianity: Inclusivity”
Rev Kathy King-Nobles
September 24, 2017

As the school year has started in full swing, it’s been great to have the Wesley Foundation Students coming in the building. I know they’re here because I see them, hear them, visit with them, and even “smell” (not them), but their food wafting up the stairs from the Wesley Foundation. After all, you can’t have a Campus Ministry without lots of food! (MORE)


“Basics of Christianity”
Rev Kathy King-Nobles
September 17, 2017

Imagine knowing very little about the Christian faith and asking someone to summarize the basics of the Christian faith. What would you expect they would tell you? What are the core values that everything else stands upon? (MORE)