Has anyone noticed that things have gotten even more divisive in our culture? It often feels like we are in a never-ending soap opera of accusations and politically motivated attacks. If this is not healthy, what can we do? I think what we do every day on our local level makes a big difference. We can come together to work for a better world. We can be, together, the body of Christ.

Together, we can let God work through us to bring hope and healing and love.

This weekend our worship services offer an important opportunity. In fact, this service, our Dedication Service, has long been one of the most meaningful services of the year for me. We have a chance to come to the altar rail and give thanks to God for all of the blessings we have received. We also have a chance to commit together to be the church and to serve God.

Here are a few things you can do to make the weekend more meaningful.

  • Bring your pledge card. There will be additional cards in the Sanctuary if you need one.
  • If you cannot be in church this weekend, please send your card to the church office when you can.
  • If you have not made a pledge in the past, please prayerfully consider doing so this year.
  • For the 9:30 worship service, our children and youth will start in Sunday School. About 40 minutes into the service, their groups will come down and join us in worship. We will have the Children’s Moment at that time.
  • Bring your change. Our children will also lead us in the Noisy Offering for The Baby Fold at all 3 services. The children are planning on smashing through their goal this week!


One of the reasons we want the children and youth to be in worship at the end of the service is so they can be part of the celebration time. One of the most meaningful times with my family has been when we have come to the altar together to each say our thanks to God and to make a commitment to God with our pledges. Since they were very young, we have helped our children to make their own pledges. This is an important way to lead our children to faith from an early age. I hope this will be very meaningful for all of the families in our church, too.

This video is a reflection from Rev. Kim Burke. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j17l7hamfggvdnx/AAAaBGdqIURbW4II_y27fnHga/Normal%20First%202%20Kim.mp4?dl=0



I am excited to worship with you this weekend!

Pastor Kent

This Weekend in Worship – October 28 & 29, 2017