I am excited! This weekend in worship we will celebrate the babies born during the past year. This is an important time to thank God for these precious little ones. We will also bless them and their families.

We will also have representatives with us this weekend from the organization “Faith In Place.” They will address us briefly and then be around to answer questions about how churches and individuals can become better stewards of our earth.

Since we are celebrating Veteran’s Day, we will recognize those who have served in the various military services during worship. We will think about what these brave men and women fought for.

Our Scripture focus this weekend will be John 8:11. This is traditionally known by the title: “The Woman Caught in Adultery”. Rev. Kim Burke shared a comment she read lately that the story should be titled, “Jesus Interrupts an Execution.” That changes the focus, doesn’t it?

We have seen a lot of news lately about sexual harassment and abuse. Names like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have been in the news. New allegations of sexual harassment are coming out in D.C. and state capitals across the nation, including Springfield. When actress Alyssa Milano invited women to share if they had been harassed, there was an explosion of people across our nation responding under the hashtag #MeToo. This is something that most of our wives and daughters have experienced or will experience. How are Christians to respond to this news? Is harassment and abuse just part of our world? How should we think about the arguments that are already suggesting people are getting too sensitive and this is just more political correctness? Is it possible that God is bringing judgment to the particular sins of sexual harassment and abuse? If so, what is our responsibility as Christians? How should we as Christians be responding to the news? What can we do?

I look forward to exploring these issues with you in worship this weekend.

Pastor Kent


Our Stewardship Team is trying to wrap up our Fall emphasis and help plan for our ministries for 2018. If you have not yet returned a pledge card, please let us know of your pledge this week if you can. You can call Leta at the church office (452-2096), come by the church or send in a pledge card.

This Weekend in Worship – November 11 & 12, 2017