Have you ever had the experience of being pranked by coming upon a group of people who were all staring up at the sky? You stop, crane your neck skyward, but you can’t figure out what has captured their attention. You keep looking, sure there must be something you are missing. Other passers-by notice the group and also stop to gaze. Soon a small crowd has gathered to stare at an empty sky. There never was anything there, and those who weren’t in on the joke leave feeling a bit foolish.

In our text for this week, Acts 1:6-14, Jesus ascends to heaven and the disciples are left staring at the sky. There’s no prank involved here – Jesus was with them and now he’s been taken to heaven. Two men in robes appear and ask why they are so busy looking at the sky. The men tell the disciples to quit standing around, gazing at the sky. Jesus is no longer there and the disciples have work to do! We’ll talk about the Ascension, the promises Jesus made, and the work we’ve been given to do.

This weekend we will continue to show our support for The Baby Fold as we collect the Noisy Offering –  make sure to bring your loose change!

We will also welcome new members Eddie Creighton and Kaitlin Carter at the 9:30 service.

Looking forward to worshiping with you this weekend!

Rev. Kim



June 2, 7pm

Illinois Symphony Orchestra-Brass Quintet Around The Town Free Concert Series Sanctuary


June 4, 4-6:30pm

All Church First Fest Underwood Park, Normal

This Weekend in Worship May 27 & 28, 2017