We will be concluding our 3-week emphasis on the membership vow of service and again asking the question, “What next, God?” Where are you leading and calling me to serve?

The scripture focus will be Matthew 25:31-46. We’ll take a look at the analogy of “sheep” and “goats” and think about what it means to “see” others in need.

The disciples were confused, wondering when they had “seen” Jesus, but Jesus reminded them that they had “seen” him when they had seen someone who was hurting. Perhaps one of the take-aways from this scripture is the need to work on truly “seeing” others with the eyes of Christ.
**Congratulations to our High School Graduates! We’ll be introducing them and praying for them at our Sunday worship services.

**Many thanks to our Prayer Shawl group as they continue to crochet and knit shawls that are given away as reminders of God’s presence. I’ll be inviting you to lay hands on these shawls as we ask God’s blessings upon those who have made them and those who will receive them.

See you in worship,
Pastor Kathy

This Weekend in Worship: May 20 & 21