“Who are We? Community Changers”


“Much of the New Testament is devoted to explaining to, exhorting, and instructing those who follow Jesus what it means to live together as a community” (Future Faith).

As followers of Jesus, as followers of the One who is the center of the New Testament, this clearly has to be one of our main identities – that we are people who care about the community, who want to improve the community, and who understand that we’re all stronger when we work together.

As Christians, we’re called to live by the philosophy coined by Jean Vanier (founder of the L’Arche Communities) “Me for the Community” rather than “The community for me”.

This causes us to reflect upon how we are doing that through the ways we engage with the community – as volunteers, employees, customers, and community members.

In our May newsletter, I included an experience that Scott King shared with me after church one Sunday. At his job, serving the community, he was able to be the hands of Christ for someone who really needed it.

I encourage you to read it. It’s a touching, inspiring story. (Page 2 of the newsletter)


Look forward to seeing you in worship this weekend!

Pastor Kathy


Mark 9:33-37

Isaiah 58:5-7, 10

*Special welcome to our ISU families who are here to celebrate Graduation weekend.

*Special welcome to all of our Moms and families.

*Prayer shawl blessing!


This Weekend in Worship – May 12 & 13, 2018