We’re looking forward to celebrating with you the Hope of the Resurrection. We encourage you to get to church a bit early and find an opportunity to greet someone you haven’t met before.

Our scripture will be John 20:1-18. Notice in these verses, there’s a few different times when someone misunderstands what’s happening.

  1. The stones been rolled away . . . so the robbers must have stolen him.
  2. The linen wrappings are disturbed . . . so something’s wrong.
  3. There’s no body . . . so something went terribly wrong.

All Mary & Peter & the other disciples could see was what was right before their eyes. None of them could imagine that there was any Good News at the empty tomb. Their Misunderstandings impeded their ability to see through the eyes of faith and embrace the power of the Resurrection.

Easter invites us to see beyond what’s right before our eyes. May we discover this again as we celebrate the Resurrection.


Pastor Kathy

This Weekend in Worship – March 31 & April 1, 2018