This weekend we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday! Everybody loves a parade, right? Jesus is entering Jerusalem and people are enthusiastic and waving palm branches, spreading cloaks on the ground in front of him, yelling “Hosanna!” The excitement must have been palpable.

Our text for 5pm Saturday and 9:30am Sunday will be Mark 11:1-11 and we’ll consider Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. Was it simply a parade with Jesus riding on donkey? Or was there more to it?

At 9:30, we look forward to having our children start the service by waving palms and leading us in a call to worship.

Sunday at 11am The Eyes of Faith musical is a multi-media look at the events of Holy Week. We will peer through the eyes of the followers of Jesus, their insights, feelings, and emotions. We will see how their lives were affected and changed by Jesus, and realize that Jesus still affects and changes lives today as we look through eyes of faith. Invite a friend to share this experience with you!

At all 3 services we will also collect Noisy Offering for our Habitat for Humanity Beloved Community Build. Bring your spare change and watch it change lives!

Excited to be worshipping with you this weekend!!

Rev. Kim


Looking ahead:

Maundy Thursday services at noon and 7pm

Good Friday service at 7

This Weekend In Worship – March 24 & 25, 2018