PENTECOST. How would you define this word?

  • A game where you connect 5 in a row to beat your competitor;
  • A church where people yell a lot but you cannot understand them;
  • A bargain sale at department stores sometime after Easter;
  • None of the above.

The answer is none of the above. So what is Pentecost? It has something to do with the Holy Spirit. It has something to do with the birth of the Christian Church. The truth is, we United Methodists have not always been good at understanding Pentecost. To be totally honest, it is a day on our church calendar that many of us find a bit awkward or even embarrassing. For followers of Jesus Christ, however, it is important to understand the truths and the mysteries that are reflected in this celebration. I suspect that better understanding Pentecost will help our church know where we need to go in the future, reaching out to people who we are not reaching now. So come to worship this weekend ready to go deeper. Come ready to celebrate.   Just as our birthdays are a time to reflect on where we have come from and where we are headed, this “Birthday of the Church” is a good time reflect, too. It is a bit of a tradition to wear red to worship on Pentecost. If you have red and want to wear it, please do. I look forward to having some fun with you, as we see where the Spirit might be blowing us during this season.


Pastor Kent

This Weekend In Worship – June 3&4, 2017