This weekend in worship we will focus on another chapter from Rabbi Harold Kushner’s book, “Nine Essential Things I’ve Learned About Life”. This chapter is titled, “To Feel Better About Yourself, Find Someone to Help.” Rabbi Kushner opens the chapter telling about a woman who came to see him one day who said, “Tell me why I should go on living.” It wasn’t that she had any major problems. Her health, finances, relationships and everything else in her life were very stable. She was just bored with her life.  In the chapter, Rabbi Kushner also addresses people who are getting older and wonder if their life is worth living.

What is a person to do if their life lacks passion or joy? What if your life does not measure up to what you hoped and expected it to be? What if it feels like something is missing?

This weekend in worship, we will discuss Rabbi Kushner’s diagnosis that many of us are living lives that lack “depth and breadth.” We will also discuss his prescription for cure of this malady. He has 3 suggestions.  We will talk about what gives life meaning and how to discover (or rediscover) joy.

Speaking of joy, we have several people joining the church this weekend.

Jack and Jo Murphy on Saturday evening.

The McNiff Family (Jill, Jimmy, Lydia and Gavin) on Sunday at 9:30.

Annette Long on Sunday at 9:30.

Please be ready to give them all a warm welcome to our church community.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend.


Pastor Kent  

This Weekend In Worship – July 29 & 30, 2017