In 2018, will you be a spectator or participant?

We’re just digging out several inches of snow . . . and a week of Christmas celebrations. One of my perceptions of this post-Christmas week is that it’s often a week when many of us tend to be spectators rather than participants.

Endless football and other sporting events can draw us to the TV to watch for hours. Great movies on the big-screens are wonderful ways to enjoy the break from our routines. These are great opportunities to be spectators. And there is definitely a need for us to have times in our lives to be spectators.

But it’s also true that there are times that we should be fully engaged as participants. The focus this weekend will be on the story of the Wise Men (Matthew 2:1-12) who were fully engaged in the Christmas story. They gave at least 2 years of their lives to make their way to meet the Christ child. They went, even without knowing the destination. They followed the star, trusting that the journey would lead them to something life changing.

In 2018, will you be a spectator or participant? That will be our focus this weekend in worship. Look forward to worshipping with you.


Pastor Kathy


Our Choir will be singing “The Work of Christmas” based on the words of the poem written by Howard Thurman.


“. . . central to Benedictine Spirituality: immersion in the Scriptures. He (Benedict) wants us to do more than read them. He wants us to study them, to wrestle with them, to understand them, to make them part of us, to let them grow in us through the work of traditional and contemporary scholarship so that the faith can stay green in us.”

The Rule of Benedict:  A Spirituality for the 21st Century, P. 105



The cold and ice is a nuisance for most of us It can be very dangerous for others. Please think about church members and neighbors who may not be able to get out. Especially think about people who may not have able family members nearby who help out. You might want to give them a call to see if they need help getting groceries, medicines or other necessities. You may also want to make sure their heat is working, the pipes are not frozen, etc. If you need assistance, you can contact the church and we will see if we can find a volunteer to help.




We encourage everyone to be careful during this winter season. We have had a couple of people fall on the ice already. If you are not confident that you can safely make it to worship and back home, please do not get out. You can watch the Wesley United Methodist worship service on TV, or listen to one of our archived sermons online through our website.

Our policy is typically not to cancel worship if there is a way for one of our pastors to make it to church. In the unlikely event that we do cancel worship, or the more-likely event that we cancel one of our services, we will get information to local radio and TV stations and post it on our church website and Facebook page.

During winter weather, we usually need a few volunteers to put salt on the sidewalks and walk people into the building. If you are sure-footed and can help with this, please let one of the Trustees know, call Theresa (452-2096) in the church office or simply show up to help.

This Weekend in Worship – January 6 & 7, 2018