SUNDAY MORNING AT 9:30 and 11:00


One of the values of our church is that our faith should make a difference.

About every two months, we are going to invite a community leader to come in to tell us about a serious problem our communities are facing. We will then think about how our faith might shape our response as individuals, and collectively as a church. This Sunday morning we will have one of our own members, Deb White, who is the Executive Director of Mid Central Community Action, help us think about domestic violence.

These are some questions we will address:

What is domestic violence and why should we care about it?

  1. What does the Bible say about domestic violence? For example, does God want a woman to stay with a partner who is abusing her?
  2. Is domestic violence a real problem in our communities? If so, where?
  3. What can we as individuals of faith can do to make a difference when it comes to domestic violence and abuse?
  4. What can we as a church do together to make a difference?

Our Scripture focus for these two services will be a lament from Psalm 55:4-8.

Mid Central Community Action will have a display table and staff here to answer questions and talk with people. There is also a t-shirt display of messages from persons who have been victimized by domestic violence.

I expect this to be a very powerful worship event.

Is there someone you would like to invite to attend with you?




Deb White will not be in Saturday worship this week but will be on February 3. This Saturday the sermon will be titled, “Portraits of Grace:  Mary.”  We will look at Luke 8:1-3 and think about Mary Magdalene and how Jesus related to a woman that others called unclean. Who was Mary? Was she a prostitute? Was she mentally ill? What can we learn about Jesus from the way that he interacted with her? What is Grace and what does Grace mean for us, personally?

I look forward to a good weekend worshipping with you.

Pastor Kent

This Weekend in Worship – January 27 & 28, 2018