• A telemarketer calls in the middle of dinner.
  • A salesperson knocks at the door during the dramatic climax of your favorite show.
  • A family member starts talking while you are adding up numbers in your head.
  • Your cell phone cuts out when you need to hear something.
  • The car won’t start on a busy day.
  • Someone clumsily enters the middle of an important conversation the two of you were having.
  • A needy someone interrupts a long awaited kiss.
  • You are trying to say something and someone cuts you off midsentence with what they want to say.


Interruptions. Life has many interruptions. Some interruptions are unwanted, unhelpful and just, well, rude.


There are other interruptions, however. When Jesus was born in a little village in Palestine, it was an interruption.

King Herod’s tyrannical rule was interrupted. The dominating power of the mighty Roman Empire was interrupted.

The night shift of the local laborers, the shepherds, was interrupted.

The villagers of Bethlehem were interrupted.

The dreams and plans of a young couple named Mary and Joseph were dramatically interrupted.

A baby can be very interrupting.


This weekend I want to talk with you about the ways that God interrupts our lives. I want to see if you will agree with me that some interruptions are good, important and necessary. Perhaps there are ways that God is trying to interrupt our routines in order to offer us Good News. If so, how can we be open to God’s interruptions? How should we handle them?

God’s gifts are awaiting in some of the interruptions that come our way. I look forward to experiencing God’s interruptions with you this weekend in worship. I also want to thank our wonderful children (and volunteers) for leading us in worship last weekend.

At the 9:30 worship service on Sunday this weekend, we will welcome a new member (Anthony Morrison) and offer a Farewell Blessing for the Uphold Family.


Pastor Kent

This Weekend in Worship – December 9 & 10, 2017