This weekend we will be celebrating 150 years of United Methodist Women and their ministries that literally spread around the world. For the 9:30 service, we’re pleased to welcome representatives from 2 of our United Methodist Children’s agencies:

   *William Kreeb, former director of Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House in East St. Louis

   *Ginger McKee, Director of Advancement at Cunningham Children’s Home in Urbana

    Like The Baby Fold, both of these agencies are supported by UMW and provide care to children whose lives are filled with challenges and despair. 

    Following the 5:00 & 9:30 services, we invite you to the Fellowship Hall for a cake reception and to view the displays of our local United Methodist Women.

    On Saturday evening, Pastor Kim will be leading worship and at 11:00 on Sunday, I’ll be preaching. Our scriptures are: Genesis 12:1-9 & Matthew 9:9-13. In both of these texts, we’ll read of God’s command to “Go.” 

    Hope you’re enjoying these beautiful fall days.

                         Pastor Kathy

*This Saturday, 6:00 PM – Our own Dennis Gotkowski will be giving a recital on organ and harpsichord in our Sanctuary. You are invited. 

This Week in Worship – September 28 & 29, 2019