Have you seen this commercial?



I am always struck by the frowns on the faces of those who seem to judge the young man’s acts of kindness as useless or naïve. I am more affected, however, by the power of his simple acts of kindness. They ripple out in ways that he could not have imagined.

This weekend in worship we will celebrate. We will celebrate how our generous acts of goodness ripple out to change lives.

This is the Sunday to bring your pledge card (if you have not already) and to make your commitment to do your part in 2019. If you do not have a pledge card, you will find one in your pew. One of the most meaningful worship events in my entire year is when Kathy and I bring our pledge down front and pray to God. As I thank God and as I commit to serve God in the coming year, I always feel God’s presence with me in a strong way.

We have invited three special guests to be with us this weekend at the 9:30 worship service on Sunday:

Dianne Schultz, CEO and President of The Baby Fold;

Sharla Jolly, Director of Advancement at the Cunningham Children’s Home; and

Jan Paterson, Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning.

Each of these special guests will share with us how our giving has made a difference.

There will be a reception in the lounge at 10:30 on Sunday morning. I heard something about cake.

I am proud that with you, my life is making a difference in our community and in our world. I look forward to celebrating that with you this weekend.


Pastor Kent



Bring your change for another noisy offering this weekend. Please say thank you to our children for leading us in this effort.


We have reached our goal of $6500 for The Baby Fold Festival of Trees. This is after we already reached our goal for Habitat for Humanity earlier in the year! Thank you! Your change is making a difference!

1) This month, our Noisy Offering will support Our Conference Our Kids. This capital campaign of our United Methodist Conference is raising funds for a $2.5 million endowment for our 5 Children’s Agencies (The Baby Fold, Cunningham, Lessie Bates Davis, Chaddock & Spero Family Services).

2) Our congregation has pledged $25,000. To date, $17,000 has been given or pledged.

3) This will be our last Noisy Offering for the year . . . but keep collecting as the children will be ready to resume in January.



Do you know what is really scary? Domestic Violence.

This Tuesday (October 30) you will have a chance to support victims of domestic violence by coming to the old courthouse in Bloomington at 11:45 a.m. We want to form a human bond that wraps all the way around that courthouse. This will send a message to victims of domestic violence that they are not alone. At noon there will be a few short speeches. You will be able to leave by 1:00 p.m. Let’s do what we can to put an end to domestic violence.

This Week in Worship – October 27 & 28, 2018