The wisdom of Family Circus! In one of the cartoons I saw years ago, the children notice (as they often do) the discrepancy in the behavior of the adults. The kids are reflecting upon their Thanksgiving celebration that they’ve just enjoyed. Along with their parents, they talk about all that they have to be thankful for.

And then the children wonder, why is it, that on the next day, everyone rushes out to buy all the things that they didn’t have?!?!

We are invited and tempted to quickly let go of the spirit of Thanksgiving and lose sight of the true message of Christmas. It’s ironic — the time of year that the Christian church sets aside to remember and focus more deeply upon Christ is also the time of year that we will be challenged the most to give up our Christian values and follow a different savior, a different king.

The scripture this morning from Luke (1:67-79) introduces us to a different king, the Kingship of Jesus.

This weekend in worship, we’ll be looking at the prophecy of Zechariah, as God uses him to introduce us to his son, John the Baptist, and ultimately to Jesus, the King of Kings.

Hope your Thanksgiving celebrations are continuing and I look forward to seeing you in worship. In all 3 of our services, we will be celebrating Holy Communion.


 Pastor Kathy

This Week in Worship – November 24 & 25, 2018