As you can probably tell from this message (video link) we will celebrate Consecration this weekend in all 3 worship services. This should be a fun and meaningful weekend.

To Consecrate is to set something apart for a sacred purpose. On Consecration Weekend, we commit to God what percentage of our income we will set apart and give back to God to serve the world. We also renew our Covenant to live as God’s people. We reclaim our identity as followers of Jesus Christ. 

This year we have focused on what it means to be generous people, living generous lives. We have asked ourselves, will we be remembered as generous people? Are we teaching our children to escape shallow lives of selfish preoccupation, to find deeper lives of meaning and generosity? How much is enough?

In worship you will have the chance to come forward with your commitment to lay before God. There will also be a symbol you can pick up and take with you to remind you of God’s Covenant with you.

You may have heard me say that this is one of the most meaningful services of the year for me, personally Each year, my heart is full as I think about all the ways I am blessed. It is a time for gratitude. I also feel God’s presence as I again Covenant to walk with God and to live out my faith.  

This year, as I look around at all the groceries that are piling up to go to the Center for Hope Food Pantry, to help people in need, I will also celebrate being part of a church that truly cares for others and reaches out to make a difference.

Our Scriptures for the Saturday afternoon and Sunday 9:30 services will be: 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, Proverbs 3:1-9 and Genesis 12:1-3.

The Scripture for the 11:00 service will be: Luke 18:18-27.

I look forward to being with you for these important opportunities in worship this weekend!

Pastor Kent   

·       Gifts for the Center for Hope are still welcome. You can bring them to the church at any time, or bring them to the front of the sanctuary before worship this weekend.

·       If you need an Estimate of Giving Card, you can pick one up at the church office or at the entrances to the sanctuary.

·       Thanks to 12 generous members of our congregation, children ages 3-5th grade will receive a special Consecration gift during their Small Group time after the Children’s Sermon

This Week in Worship – November 16 & 17, 2019