As the days continue to lengthen (with the extra help from Daylight Savings Time this weekend), we will continue our focus on spiritual practices that help us in our Walk with God. Beginning with the theme of “Worship & Prayer” last weekend, Pastor Kent challenged us to make worship a priority each week and to pray 5 times a day. (Simple way to remember that: When you wake up, at meals, and then at bedtime.)

          The 2nd practice is to study, studying the scriptures. The Bible is one of the best ways that God speaks to us. Regular, daily Bible readings give us a greater opportunity to better hear and understand God’s Word. If you’re not already reading the Bible every day, how about starting with reading 5 verses a day?

          And so our Walk continues. This Walk has benefits just as a physical walk does. I hope that we’ll find over time, that we grow stronger, discover unexpected insight, and find more peace in our hearts. Glad we’re on this journey of faith together.

          See you in worship,

                     Pastor Kathy

Psalm 19:1-4

1 John 4:1

*Don’t be late for church Sunday. Set your clock an hour ahead.

*Invitation to have coffee with Pastor Kent

this Sunday, March 8, 10:45-12pm, Fellowship Hall If you are new to our church or a regular visitor, come have coffee and a chat with Pastor Kent.

This Week in Worship – March 7 & 8, 2020