When I told my younger son that our scripture for this weekend focuses on the Lost Parables (Luke 15:1-10), he laughed and said I should have a lot of material to choose from because I seem to lose things occasionally The irony of this conversation was that, while we were talking, I was walking around looking for my paycheck. I had it, and then I set it down to do something, and then I couldn’t remember where I set it down.

Do you ever do that? Lose something important? Keys? Homework? Children? Maybe you’ve even been lost. Sometimes we have to work a little to understand what Jesus’ stories meant to the people of his time. Not so much this time! Most of us can relate to losing something (or someone) or being lost ourselves.

We continue our series The Upside Down Kingdom as we look at being lost and being found.

Invite a friend to join you for church. I look forward to worshiping with you!


Pastor Kim

This Week in Worship – March 23 & 24, 2019