When was the last time you aspired to greatness? 

What would it mean for you to live a great life? This weekend in worship we will talk about another habit that can change our lives for the better, as we Walk with Christ. We will talk about some people who were “Great” and think about what made them great.

We will also talk about what different habits of service to others can make for our own lives.

For example, there is substantial and clear scientific evidence that serving others by practicing kindness is good for your health.

We will look at a little of that evidence this weekend.

During this Lenten Season, we have opportunities to reflect on our lives and to make choices that make our lives better.

Many of us have opportunities to make decisions that will positively impact our families, and give our children habits that can make a big difference in the joy, happiness and meaning they will experience in their lives.

In preparation for this worship, you can read and reflect on John 13:4-15.

I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend!

Pastor Kent

This Week in Worship – March 14 & 15, 2020