Would you stop and help someone who was in obvious distress? What if you walked by and someone was lying on the ground moaning in apparent pain? Would it make any difference if you were on your way to preach a sermon on The Good Samaritan?


An experiment like this was done with seminary students These students, studying to be ministers, were asked to come to a certain building at a certain time to preach a sermon on The Good Samaritan parable from Luke 10:25-37. It was a set up. Along the walk to the building where they would supposedly preach this sermon (on helping a man who was left by the roadside after he was robbed and beaten), there was an actor who was lying on the ground, moaning in pain. How many seminary students do you think stopped to check on this neighbor in obvious need? The bad news is that 90% of these students, on their way to preach about helping one’s neighbor, failed to stop or offer any kind of care to that neighbor.


Why? We will talk about this experiment and the reasons they, and we, often fail to care for the people around us.

Spoiler alert: the conclusion of the experiment was that when people are busy, they usually fail to stop and help.

This is alarming since many of us are busy most of the time.


In preparation for this weekend worship, you might spend a few minutes thinking about how you spend your time and if you are ever too busy to be faithful to God’s calling to help others?


At the end of the 9:30 service on Sunday we will say goodbye to Mike Sweeney. Mike is retiring after 35 years of caring for our church building. There will be a reception for Mike from 10:30-11:00. If you can, please bring a card and a love gift.


We will also be celebrating Holy Communion this weekend at all 3 services.


I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend.


If you have time.


Pastor Kent

This Week in Worship – June 2 & 3, 2018