Easily confused with the Gospel of John, the 3 letters of John (1, 2, & 3 John) were written for the young Christian community some years after the resurrection of Christ. They’re trying to figure out how to take the teachings of Christ and apply them to their lives, in their time and place.

This is the same thing we continue to do today. One of the themes from these letters is love. Following the mandate to love, how do we put love into practice in our very complex and diverse world? Sometimes the answer is clear and simple. Often times, the answer is more difficult and complex.

This weekend in worship, we’ll focus on this call to love in the midst of racial misunderstandings and biases. How does the call to love help us see our blind spots that we’re not even aware of?

I appreciate the reporting of our local newspaper the Pantagraph and will be sharing 2 stories (Clarence Page editorial “What Baby Archie Teaches us about Race” 5-10-19 & “Check your Blind Spots” 5-29-19) that have helped me think through the call to love.

Look forward to seeing you in worship.

    Pastor Kathy

This Week in Worship – June 1 & 2, 2019