Last Friday, our three minivans pulled into the church parking lot and junior high students tumbled out to greet their parents. We had been serving in the Quad Cities for a week, and the youth were full of stories to share with their families. Several of the youth mentioned that they had plans to rest and nap once they got home because they were tired from the week away. (Frankly, ALL of the adults had plans to sleep!)

Our Scripture for this week (Mark 6:30-34, 53-56) felt more than a little familiar as I read through it. The disciples have returned from being sent out two by two, and they are excited to share with Jesus and one another all the stories of their mission time. While they are excited, they are also tired, so Jesus calls them to come away and rest.

We’ll also hear Psalm 23 and consider how the Good Shepherd restores our souls.

I invite you to take a pause in your week and join us for worship this weekend. Let your spirit be renewed and refreshed as we worship together!

Pastor Kim


This Week in Worship – July 21 & 22, 2018