Most of us have taken the Christmas decorations down and put them away. The thrill of some of the Christmas presents is already wearing off. Some toys have already broken. Is Christmas over? What comes after Christmas?

Theologian Howard Thurman would say to us: “The work of Christmas has just begun.”

Now is the time to take the real truths and blessings of Christmas and incorporate those into our lives. How does Christmas change us, and our world?

We should note that in the church calendar, the Christmas season is not over.

The Christmas season does not end until after Epiphany, which we will be celebrating this weekend in worship.

Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the Magi (Kings, Wise Ones, whatever you call them). They come from a long way off to bring their gifts and bow before the Christ child.

Epiphany celebrates the light; the light that guided the Magi to Christ, and the light that comes into our darkness to guide us.

An epiphany is also a new realization or insight; a new way of seeing and understanding that can change your life.

That is what we will be looking for as we worship together this weekend, and as we accept this gift that God has given us – a new year.

The Magi will finally arrive at our Nativity Set down front in the sanctuary this weekend. Have you noticed that they have slowly been making their way forward in our sanctuary?

We will talk about what we can learn from these Magi that can aid our journey in 2019.

Worshiping together is a great way to start the new year.

I like forward to being with you, this weekend and throughout the year.


Pastor Kent

This Week in Worship – January 5 & 6, 2019