Amongst other significant national events happening this year, 2020 is the year for the Census. Once a decade, the goal of the Census is to count everyone living in the United States in order to determine the number of congressional seats and to determine a fair allocation of governmental resources. 

Our scriptures share a few stories of a census, though the purpose of those were often different than the census of today (Numbers 1:1-2 & Luke 2:1-5). And the data collected was not accurate in terms of the actual number of people living in that area. Early census were known for not counting some people and only partially counting others. 

The upcoming 2020 Census gives us the opportunity to count everyone living in our community. This is an important act of civil participation, much like taking the time to vote. 

This weekend in worship, we’re fortunate to have Holly Ambuehl, one of our church members who works for Illinois Partners for Human Service. The sermon will be a conversation with Holly to learn more about the importance of the Census, how we can encourage others to participate, and what this has to do with our faith.

Also, in our 9:30 service, I’m honored to celebrate the baptism of Pat Shepherd. And in all of our services, our children will be collecting the Noisy Offering (coins & other donations) for The Baby Fold. 

Stay warm and be safe! 

       Pastor Kathy

Proverbs 22:2

Proverbs 31:9

Isaiah 1:17

This Week in Worship – January 25 & 26, 2020