What’s Faith Got To Do With It?

Does anyone else ever feel a little overwhelmed by all that is happening in our world? There are so many issues that it’s tempting to want to stick our heads in the sand and let someone else take care of it. How can I, as one individual, make any difference in the world?

We know that living as followers of Jesus goes beyond an hour of worship each week and that we can’t compartmentalize our faith, but what does that really look like? How can we practice being engaged civically at a time when our nation feels divided into “Us vs. Them” and tensions are high?

As United Methodists, we have a tradition of being prayerfully and thoughtfully involved in the world around us. You can read our Social Principles here. It’s important to realize as we have conversations about being involved civically that we may be faithful AND we may reach different conclusions on how we live faithfully.

This weekend in worship, we’ll consider the question “What’s faith got to do with it?” as we look at civic engagement. We’ll also celebrate the baptism of Lucy Kate Brucker, daughter of Gene and Claire Brucker at the 11:00 service.

Looking forward to worshiping with you!

Matthew 25:34-45

Pastor Kim

Night in a Car

Pastor Kent and Pastor Kathy are going to brave the cold once again! They will be spending a night in their car to raise money and awareness for Home Sweet Home Ministries and the problem of homelessness. You can learn more and support their team here.

Holy Land Trip Update

The group that traveled to the Holy Lands arrived home on Thursday evening.  Tired, but renewed, they had a very meaningful trip and are eager to share their stories. In worship, they’ll be speaking on February 16 and then presenting a Wednesday night program on February 19th. Thank you for your prayers.  

This Week in Worship – January 18 & 19, 2020