We conclude our 5-week worship series on the Psalms this weekend. Our focus will be on the Psalms for the Community.

**Every year, the faithful community would take a pilgrimage to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Along the way, the sojourners looked to the Pilgrimage Psalms (Psalm 120-134) to guide their travels.

**Some Psalms for the community focus on prayers to God for the well-being of the community (Psalm 80).

**While other Psalms include prayers to God on behalf of others in the community (Psalm 94).

An African Proverb says it this way: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you are want to go far, go together.” We’re being misled to believe that speed and independence are great virtues. But the Psalms call us back to the hope and blessings of being a part of something greater than ourselves.

I hope you’ll come and be a part of our Church Community this weekend.


       Pastor Kathy

This Week in Worship – February 9 & 10, 2019