Have you ever imagined your own funeral? What will people say about you? Not only the minister or the person talking up front, but what will be whispered about you by the family and friends who come to pay their respects? What stories will they tell? 

After everything is said and done here on earth, what in your life will really matter?

There are many things in life that we have no power to control. And yet, one of the most powerful forces we do have is our ability to make choices. Of course, there are big decisions that we make which shape our lives. The smaller, everyday decisions we make may be even more influential over the years, however.

Do you want to make your life better? Do you want to be stronger, and better prepared to face the celebrations and the challenges that lie ahead in your life? Do you want your life to really make an impact on others? What choices do you have the power to make?

This weekend we will begin a worship series looking at five essential practices that empower a Christians life. These essential practices can make us stronger. They can make us more faithful and put us in harmony with the Source of all life – God. These essential practices help us avoid and overcome some of the negative forces of life. These essential practices are crucially important to teach to our families. These five essential practices were taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ.

I am eager to begin this very important conversation with you this weekend in worship.

Pastor Kent

This Week in Worship – February 29 & March 1, 2020