Likely you’ve heard someone say that all the Church ever does is “talk about how bad we are. Everyone’s a sinner.” (Perhaps that’s 2nd to . . . all the church ever does is ask for money.)

            These are enough to keep some people away from church.

            So I hesitate to tell you that this weekend in worship, we’ll be looking at the Christian tradition of confession. That may feel a bit like the church sending a message of judgment upon everyone. 

            But the practice of confession is not intended to take us down to leave us down. Rather, by grace, confession can lead us towards redemption and forgiveness.  

            During Lent, we’ll be incorporating a prayer of confession in worship each week. This will be a time in the service to give us an opportunity for reflection and a chance to be open to God’s transforming love. 

            This weekend, I’ll use the sermon time to offer some ideas of why confession can be so hard for us; what are some of the ways we may misunderstand confession; and how can we frame confession in the way intended as a Christian discipline that leads us closer to God and one another. 

                  Matthew 17:1-8 & Psalm 32:1-6

    Look forward to seeing you in worship!

 Pastor Kathy

Say Sorry. Be Sorry. Do Sorry.  Sesame Street

*Noisy Offering this weekend – supporting The Baby Fold

*Welcome Meg Anderson, East Bay Program Leader – sharing about summer camping opportunities

*Hope you’ll plan on staying for the Baked Potato Bar serving from 11:00-1:00 in the Fellowship Hall. Sponsored by the Mission Committee & Youth, proceeds will support the summer mission trip to Guatemala

This Week in Worship – February 22 & 23, 2020