This weekend, we’ll be focusing on the Psalms of Lament. Perhaps not the most exciting ones to think about, but maybe the most real and authentic ones. There are more Psalms of Lament than any other Psalms.

These Psalms honestly share the pain of life, asking God Why and How Long? Following basically the same pattern, most of these Psalms lay out the complaint and then beg God for relief and an end to the suffering. And then, most of these Psalms, end with act of praise, expressing faith and gratitude in God, even in the midst of the suffering.

I’ve heard people who are in the midst of deep suffering and still praise God. I’ve also listened to people who are in the middle of deep pain and honestly say, “I’m having a lot of trouble believing in God right now.”

I appreciate the Psalms of Lament as they serve as a mirror to our souls within the context of faith. Nothing is out of reach of God’s love and grace. And even when we can’t believe it ourselves, I believe we can depend on the faith of those long ago to help us find our way through.

Look forward to seeing you in worship The sidewalks will be clear . . . and we won’t even have to shovel them for you!


Pastor Kathy


Psalms 79, Psalm 10, Psalm 142, & Psalm 22

This Week in Worship – February 2 & 3, 2019