February 10 & 11, 2018


One day Jesus was walking by and saw a man who had been blind from birth. The disciples want to know why the man had been born blind. Jesus finds a way to give the man his sight. It is not instant, but over time, the man is able to see. Instead of celebrating this great news, the religious leaders of the day get upset that Jesus is not following their rules. We will see all of this unfold in John 9.

Can you imagine being blind? Remind me to tell you a story about the time one of our kids did an experiment to see what it might be like to be blind. Myself, I cannot imagine missing all of the colors of the world. What would it be like to not be able to see the faces of your loved ones? What would it be like to be given the gift of sight after not being able to see your whole life; to see everything for the first time? We will also talk about the lesson from Jesus that it is possible to have two working eyes and still be blind. A spiritual blindness is even worse than the physical kind. Is there a way that you can encounter Jesus that will open your eyes to life in a new and deeper way? We will discuss these things and more this weekend. Our Chancel Choir will sing a special piece at the 9:30 service. Our Children’s Choir will also be singing. I look forward to worshipping with you.

Pastor Kent


It’s the Sunday before Lent begins so we’ll be looking at the traditional scripture of the Transfiguration found in Luke 9:28-43. It can feel like one of those Bible stories that doesn’t have relevance for us today, but I believe there’s some good life lessons for us to learn. In honor of the Olympics, the sermon is titled “The Art of Going Downhill”.

As we continue to develop this worship service, you’ll notice that the bulletin will look a bit different. Also, we’ve printed some quotes and scriptures that I’ll invite you to reflect on for a few minutes as the service begins. Our hope is to give each of us a moment to pause . . . breathe deeply . . . and open ourselves up to God’s spirit as we worship together.

Looking ahead, we’ll begin a 5-week series on Reconciliation on February 18th. Each week, there will be an article about Reconciliation that you can read ahead of time. This Sunday, if you like, you can pick up a copy of the article for February 18th or request it by email To request an email copy, when you sign the attendance pad, simply write “email” next to your name. For those receiving it by email, it will be sent on Monday.

Look forward to seeing you in worship. Stay warm & safe!

Pastor Kathy

Just a reminder that the informational meeting for 2018 UM Build for Habitat is THIS Saturday from 9:30-11 at Normal First! This is for anyone who would like to learn more about this project and the different ways we can support it. Come & learn!

If you can’t make it Saturday, but are interested in learning more, please contact Kim Burke (kburke@normalfirst.org)

This Weekend In Worship – February 10 & 11, 2018