Who did you dream of being when you were growing up? Did you idolize some Superhero and dream of having the same abilities and characteristics that person had? The strength of Superman? The Speed of Flash? The courage of Batman or Batgirl? The power of Superwoman? The ability to bring justice like the Lone Ranger? The power to fight evil of G.I. Joe? Who was your hero?

When I was very young, I watched Tarzan on our black and white TV set. I was amazed at how he could swing through the trees on vines. I went into the bedroom, climbed up on the windowsill, grabbed the chords to the heavy Venetian blinds and swung off toward the bed. Unfortunately, the sudden weight pulled the blinds down out of the window, splitting open my head and spilling me onto the floor before I reached the bed. My parents were not impressed. That may have been one of the points in my life when I realized it was not going to be easy to have superhero powers.

And yet, I do believe that God calls each of us to be heroes. I believe we are called to exhibit some of the same qualities that our heroes demonstrate. In fact, once we get over the fantasy of being able to leap small buildings in a single bound, I believe it is possible to discover that God does bless us with our own powers. Following the examples of Jesus, we can be heroes and we can make a huge difference in our world. We can even save lives.

Are you a hero? How can you and I be heroes, in the ways that God intends? How can we be sure that our lives really matter during our time on this earth?

We will have some fun thinking about that this weekend in worship.

Everyone is invited to come dressed as one of your favorite heroes this weekend. There will also be a few Superheroes posing for pictures, and a place for kids of all ages to have their pictures taken.

Of course it is fine for you to come in more of a Clark Kent style if you wish, a hero disguised in your normal attire.


Looking forward to worshipping with you this weekend.


Pastor Kent

This Week in Worship – August 18 & 19, 2018