I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the soccer team I was coaching. We had talented, athletic players but were just not jelling as a team. After several practices, I couldn’t figure out why we did not seem to be getting better. I pondered this as I stood and watched the players doing drills. Then it hit me. “These players are afraid to fail.” What I had taken as good natured kidding was making the players cautious and less creative in their play. They did not want to make mistakes. I finally started telling the team that I wanted to see more mistakes. I told them that unless they were willing to fail, they were not going to get better. The way I would know that they were putting in a solid practice is that I would see them trying new things and failing.

Of course not all failures are created equal. The Apostle Peter had some huge failures, and they are captured right there in the Bible for all of us to see. Remember the way that Peter boldly promised that he would never turn his back on Jesus, even if everyone else did. At the time the Jesus needed him most, Peter denied that he even knew Jesus. He did this not once but three times. And yet, Jesus would continue to call Peter the Rock on which he will build the church. And Peter is one of the key leaders as the Good News spreads from Jerusalem to dramatically change lives all over the world.

How have you dealt with the failures in your life? How will you deal with the ones that will come?

This weekend in worship we will talk about how to live in the reality of Easter. We will examine what Peter’s failures can teach us about living boldly, and overcoming our own failures.

Actually, how we deal with our failures is one of the keys to growing in faith.

Also this weekend, bring your change (or dollars) for the children’s Noisy Offering. This money will go to support the vitally important ministries through The Baby Fold.

At the 9:30 worship service on Sunday, we will have an opportunity to welcome Gordon & Carolyn Hansen into our church family as full members!

Holy Week and Easter were amazing.

I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend.


Pastor Kent



Wed., May 1, 6pm, sanctuary – Children’s Chimes musicals


**The Lions and Their ‘Den-ner’ Guests is the story of Daniel’s faith and God’s protection, told from the perspective of “Leola” the lioness


**The Little Boy and the Lunch feature C-U-B, Common Use Basket, telling the miraculous story of Jesus feeding the 5,000


The kids have worked so hard and have had so much fun preparing our musicals! In addition to learning these stories of our faith, they’ve learned how to ring chimes and learn a bit about reading music.


We will have our regular Wonderful Wednesday meal (pizza, salad and dessert) starting 5:15 in our Fellowship Hall.

This Week in Worship – April 27 & 28, 2019