Does Easter matter?

It is easy to be complacent about Easter, to see Easter as just another chance to get together with friends and family, have a good meal and celebrate a holiday.

Where Easter really matters is when you are standing at the graveside of someone you have loved so dearly, and then it is time to turn and leave.

Where Easter really matters is at the doctor’s office, sitting in that sterile room. You can tell from the doctor’s look that the diagnosis is not good.

Easter really matters when your child’s fever continues to spike and you don’t know what to do.

Easter matters when you hear those words, “I want a divorce.”

Easter matters when that person looks across the desk and says, “Your job is being terminated.”

Easter matters when you see genocide and holocaust and wonder if there is a God who cares.

Easter matters when your preexisting condition is not covered by insurance.

Easter matters when innocent children are gunned down at their schools.

Easter matters when we sit and contemplate our lives and face the sure and inevitable reality of our deaths.

Easter is about the most important and the deepest experiences of our lives.

Easter gives us hope and strength, courage and endurance.

In Easter, we can experience and participate in the greatest Life Force in the Universe – the Creating and Transforming Love of God.

We have some things that we need to celebrate!

This Easter, I will also encourage you to join the Resurrection Revolution.

I do look forward to celebrating Easter with you!


Pastor Kent



  1. Thanks to all of you who will help decorate, sing, play an instrument, greet, usher, and somehow help make our worship possible.
  2. If you are available to help, please let one of the pastors or the church office know.
  3. Do bring flowers for the cross outside for when you come to worship on Saturday or Sunday.
  4. If you are healthy, consider parking across the street in one of the ISU parking lots.
  5. Watch for newcomers and offer them directions or assistance, or at least a friendly greeting.
  6. Consider leaving your favorite pew and moving forward to leave room for newcomers. Move into the middle of the pew instead of sitting on the aisle and making newcomers step over you to find a seat.
  7. Consider staying for lunch with your church family in the Fellowship Hall (social time begins at 11:30 and lunch around noon). Bring a dish to share if you can.
  8. Consider inviting friends, neighbors, relatives and/or coworkers to come and worship with you on Easter. Pray that our Easter worship will be wonderfully meaningful and come ready to worship!


Thank You

This Week in Worship – April 20 & 21, 2019