A message from our Pastors April 29, 2020

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Letter from the Pastors: Corona Virus and What is next

              March 18, 2020

Dear Normal 1st Congregation, 

              Tom Bolsinger, the author of Canoeing the Mountains, studied the life of Lewis & Clark and found that their ability to face their unprecedented challenges could help us today. Lewis & Clark mistakenly thought their maps, along with their canoes, would get them all the way to the Pacific Ocean. 

Instead, they came upon the Rocky Mountains.  It turned out that their maps weren’t accurate and now their canoes were useless. Bolsinger writes, “how do you continue the journey when you’re “off the map?” 

              That’s where we are today. We’re “off the map”, but we are confident that God will lead us through this time. And, we want to share with you information how we will continue to be the Body of Christ.

  1. Worship, for the next 2 weekends (March 21/22 & 28/29), will be celebrated electronically. We anticipate Worship to be held on-line Sunday at 9:30am. Watch for more information. 
  2. Since we will not be gathering for worship, we want to share the ways that you can make sure the vital ministries of the church can continue. As always, your financial support is very much appreciated. On the back, you will find specifics on various ways of giving.              
  3. We will be contacting members of our church family (by phone or social media) over the next few weeks to check in with them as needed.  Please let Pastor Kim (kburke@normalfirst.org) know if you’d like to make calls/send cards/ or offer other forms of support.
  4. The church staff will be working remotely. We ask you to call (452-2096) or email us if you need assistance. Please leave a message and we will return your calls. 
  5. All services/meetings/programming at the church have been canceled effective immediately through March 31. This includes groups from our church as well as outside groups who use our building. 
  6. We have “meeting” capabilities through Zoom.us.  To use this service (for a meeting/Bible study or other event), contact Theresa (tgarrett@normalfirst.org) to schedule it.   
  7. The Food Pantry outreach will remain open on Friday evenings for college students. In addition, we encourage you to donate items to the Blessing Box attached to the garage. 
  8. Regular updates will be sent out electronically. If you do not have access to email, please call the church office (452-2096) to be added to the list to receive telephone updates.  

We pray for all of you; we pray for health, healing, and strength for all who struggle; we pray for the leaders of our community, country, and world; and we pray for the medical profession as they care for and serve us all.

Be safe and well.

       Pastors Kathy, Kent, & Kim


Offering Ideas:

· Online giving – Go to the church website, www.normalfirst.org, click on Give and follow the links to make a one-time donation or set up on-going donations.

· ACH – Request a form from the church office and have your contribution debited from your bank account.

· Direct Mail – Your banking institution can mail the church a check directly.

· Cash/Check – You may mail a check to the church at any time.

If you have questions about any of these options, please contact Leta Buhrmann, Finance Manager, at 452-2096 or business@normalfirst.org.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness which allows the ministries of the church to continue during this challenging time.