New Hearing Loop Installed!

The seating area of our Sanctuary is now equipped with a Hearing Induction Loop which will enhance the listening experience for those with diminished hearing.  Individuals whose hearing aids are equipped with a telecoil or t-coil  can now listen to the sound system directly through their hearing aids.   Many hearing aids already have telecoils and simply need to be activated by your hearing care professional.  If you don’t have a hearing aid, loop receivers and headsets will be available to check out during worship services.


Please check with your hearing care professional to see if your hearing aid is equipped with a t-coil and that it is properly adjusted (your t-coil must be turned on for this technology to work).  Another option that can be used with the loop system is The BEAN Platinum T-coil sound amplifier.  For more information call (855) 566-7488 x4 to talk to our installer’s customer service  or visit


We extend our appreciation for the generous gifts from our congregation and memorial funds that have made this possible.